Magic Mirror

Play the Mercury classic Magic Mirror online at Sunmaker Casino. You can play there for free or for real money. For real money players, there is a welcome bonus of up to € 200.

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Magic Mirror

You have probably also heard that since 2016 many of the famous Mercury games are finally  playable on Sunmaker . Magic Mirror is one of those games. This is not surprising, because the demand for Magic Mirror online play is just huge. The fantasy adventure Magic Mirror is one of the most popular games
of Merkur and is the favorite of many players. I personally know many people who want to play Magic Mirror online. Here it is explained using a table in case you did not play it.

Slot: Magic Mirror at Sunmaker
rollers: 5
Minimal use: 10 cents
Maximum use: 20 Euros

Magic Mirror at Sunmaker

There are already some sites that advertise that you can play Magic Mirror online with them. Unfortunately, I fell for such a page recently and allegedly downloaded Magic Mirror online, it turned out that it was a virus and so I could once restore my PC, which cost me just under 2 hours of work.

So I’d like to warn you about these sites here, there is currently only one place you can play Magic Mirror online – and that’s Sunmaker. In addition, there are a lot of other Mercury games, such as Endless Summer, Triple Chance or Gold of Persia, which you should try on Sunmaker. How to get to Sunmaker:

  1. Click here to continue to Sunmaker .
  2. Click on the golden „Register“ at the top and follow the instructions.
  3. Log in and click on the golden „deposit“ above.
  4. You can deposit by Paypal .

The Sunmaker promotional video:

Finally play Magic Mirror online

I tell you so much about Magic Mirror and playing Magic Mirror online, but I do not really know if you ever played this great game or even know what I am writing about, so I would like to briefly explain it to you What Magic Mirror is over skin.

Magic Mirror Sunmaker is the fantasy adventure of Mercury, you dive into a world full of magic and fun and can even win even more money. I think there is nothing better. Now it’s even possible to play Magic Mirror Sunmaker online, which is great as a fan of such a great game.

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